Beth Zarnke and her father Martin Wolf presented to us about their AgriVenture Summer Camp for youth grades 3-6, which provides a faith-based, hands-on learning experience in a farm setting.  The purpose of the camp is to inspire, support and encourage youth to explore the wonders of nature, agriculture, and animals. The youth learn problem solving skills, have fun and get dirty while woodworking, exploring the woods, gardening, learning animal husbandry and various other activities. The camp runs 6 evenings in June and is staffed by volunteers including parents and grandparents who as Martin describes, also benefit tremendously from the experience, having almost as much fun as the children, and they leave feeling a connection to the children they supervised.  
Here is a short video of the program -
Beth and Martin are also looking to grow their programs with youth by developing and planning a year-round after-school program in the coming years to allow children an opportunity to develop life skills in nature and on the farm. We thank them for sharing their vision with Sunrise Rotary!