Carrie Lippert Gillespie is a media personality and animal rights activist originally from Pittsville.  Last November she organized a low cost service to farmers in the Pittsville area to have their farm cats spayed and neutered. Cats are an important part of the farm ecosystem but can quickly become overwhelming if their populations grow too large. Carrie partnered with The Fix is In, a veterinary service who provides high quality affordable spay and neuter clinics.
The Fix is In provided the staff and mobile unit in which to conduct the operations. Carrie worked with FFA groups to get volunteers, coordinated fundraising to be able to further subsidize costs so farmers could have multiple cats spayed or neutered, and provided her garage as a place to house the animals while they were awaiting surgery and during their recovery. She has held two successful events – one in November 2019 and the other in June 2020 with over 35 cats treated at each event.