Jackie Zoellner has put together and shared the Home Delivered Meals schedule for the next 4 months. In addition to the usual disbursement of this information, we will post it here in a story on ClubRunner in list form (see below) as well as enter the dates into the calendar on ClubRunner to help make this information readily accessible.
On the calendar, you will note that the designated volunteer for the date listed. We are always looking for additional drivers, so please contact Jackie Zoellner if you are able and willing to join the Rotary Home Delivered Meals crew!
Marshfield Rotary
Home Delivered Meals Schedule
November - February
5 - Jenny King
19 - John King
3 - Paul Swensingson
17 - Dan Knoeck
7 - Darla Leick
21 - Dave McClure
4 - Huong McClean
18 - Phil Phillips
On call:
Dennis Godard
Larry Clouse