Deb Delie is a puppy raiser for the Leader Dogs program. She came to our meeting to introduce her current puppy, Bit-o-Honey, and share information on her role and the program. The Leader Dogs program raises and trains guide dogs to assist visually impaired individuals.
Deb has trained 7 puppies. She picks the puppies up from Leader Dogs headquarters outside of Detroit when they are 7 weeks old. While she has the puppies, they go everywhere with her so they can experience all they might face in the world when they are acting as guides. They have a special day in Wausau where they visit the airport and take bus rides. They have even gone to the fire department to spend time with fire fighters in their full turn out gear so they know not to be afraid if a fire fighter ever needs to assist their owners! 
Thank you to Deb and Honey for coming to visit us!