Hello dear friends, 

My name is Tony Bozadzhiev and I am the current president of Rotary club Gotse Delchev. Let me first offer my cordial greetings, and on behalf of the club, congratulate you on your holiday Thanks giving. I would also like to share my gratitude for your generosity towards the children from the orphanage. 

It is in our agenda to organise an event for them for Christmas.

This week we held the awards for the essay competition that was organised for the 1st November. On this day we celebrate the Day of the enlighteners. This is the day when we give appreciation to the enlighteners and teachers of our past. The competition we announced caused unexpected and surprising interest. The participants – between the ages of 7 and 18, had to prepare an essay on the topic ‘Who are the enlighteners of today?’ 

We are now focusing on our next event- our annual Christmas charity ball, when we raise money for a pre-determined cause. This year we will donate the money for two devices, which will assist in the rehabilitation process of the children suffering from cerebral paralysis in Gotse Delchev and the area. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible. 

I am very much impressed by your rose sale project. Please provide me with more details for this it. I intend to realise something similar for Saint Valentine’s Day- Oh yes, we do celebrate that, too. :) 

Once again, Happy Holidays and may God bless you and support your every endeavour. 

I hope you would not mind continuing the communication between the two clubs in the future. 

Your friend in Rotary, 

Tony Bozadzhiev