This week's speaker was a friendly Funeral director named Ted Jackan of Rembs Funeral home.
With dashing good looks and a mixture of charm and confidence that would put Frank Sinatra to shame.  We realized that this wasn't a presentation, but more of a journey...  He swept us off our Rotarian feet, and took us back in time... a time to die for.
Ted's presentation carried us into the history of Rembs funeral which reaches all the way back to 1887.  Being one of the oldest businesses in Marshfield, he brought this rich past to life with original photos and descriptions of what the "Undertaking and Furniture" business was like made for a truly fascinating presentation.
During his presentation, he juxtaposed pictures from the original funeral home from its opening day in 1961 with how the building looks today from the same locations after its redesign.
Touching on the most important part of the company, the caring a respectful staff was the focus on the latter part of the presentation.  Together, the Rembs staff (which is mostly family) is more of a team and together are greater than the sum of their parts.  
Speaking about death is not a comfortable subject, but the presentation was light hearted, respectful and most importantly fun, which is key when presenting a topic so closely related to sadness.