Rotary Winter Wonderland | Travel Wisconsin
Al and Danielle Nystrom joined Sunrise Rotary this morning to share that planning and setup for Rotary Winter Wonderland is in full swing this year! The show will be on November 27th - December 31st. At this point volunteer response and business sponsorships have been good. With COVID still affecting events like this, some safety precautions have been put in place. Both walk and drive through routes will be open and the drive through route will be extended up 17th Street. Social distancing, masks, volunteer limits inside buildings and other precautions have been put in place in collaboration with local health officials to ensure the safety of volunteers and guests. "Extra" events like Gingerbread Jams, food sales, etc. won't be there this year but the rest of the show will go forward strong!
Fun Facts:
  • In the past 14 years:
  • 650,000 food items have been donated
  • $306,000 has been given back to local area food pantries
  • It's estimated that the show includes between 1 and 1.5 million lights